Our Guarantee

If Concise Tax Service makes an error in the preparation of your income tax return that results in a cost of interest or penalty on additional taxes due, we will pay that interest and penalty. If you are called upon to verify the preparation of your return, we will accompany you to the tax centre closest to the office where your return was completed at no additional cost.

Concise Five Year Review

As a new customer to Concise Tax Service, we appreciate the new business. To show our appreciation we are willing to review your past 5 year’s returns at no cost to you.

Concise Tax Service

Concise Tax Service was established in order to supply superior customer service in the tax preparation and bookkeeping industry. With over 25 years experience in the industry we have been able to design and adopt unique systems. This in turn has resulted in the best possible product for our customers.

Our tax preparation service is designed to gather every possible deduction and credit that you are entitled to. As part of our dedication to customer service we offer a NO FEE five year review of past returns.

Our bookkeeping system is designed to adapt to our clients needs. Quite simply, our bookkeeping clients receive the information they need when they want it and how they want it.

We welcome you to learn about our Concise Way and the Concise Advantages.

Year-End Tax Planning

Tax-planning is simply legally reducing one’s taxable income by taking full advantage of deductions and credits and other techniques.

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Tax Shelters

The last quarter of the year is when many taxpayers traditionally do much of their income tax planning.

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Registered Educational Savings Plans (RESP)

RESP's have been targeted in the last several budgets, with the result that they are now an attractive tax deferral vehicle which should be considered by all parents with eligible children.

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Child Support Rules

Effective May 1st, 1997, the new child support rules, announced in the 1996 federal budget, take effect.


Income Splitting Techniques to Reduce Income Tax

Canada has a progressive income tax system - the more you earn the higher the rate of tax which you pay.

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Tax Amnesty - Voluntary Disclosure, A Way To Sleep At Night

If you are losing sleep because of unreported income, tax evasion or unfiled tax returns, your situation is probably not as bad as you fear.

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