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Our Guarantee

If Concise Tax Service makes an error in the preparation of your income tax return that results in a cost of interest or penalty on additional taxes due, we will pay that interest and penalty. If you are called upon to verify the preparation of your return, we will accompany you to the tax centre closest to the office where your return was completed at no additional cost.

Concise Five Year Review

As a new customer to Concise Tax Service, we appreciate the new business. To show our appreciation we are willing to review your past 5 year’s returns at no cost to you.

About Us

Concise Tax Service is a tax preparation firm specializing in one-on-one service. The most common errors in tax are a result of poor or no communication between tax preparer and client. Our tax preparers are specially trained to ask the proper questions and to dig for all possible deductions and credits. If you are one of the many who simply submit their T4s to a preparer and pick up a tax return days or weeks later, there is a higher likelihood that deductions or credits have been missed.

We are a bookkeeping firm created to help small business owners. One of the biggest challenges for any small business owner is keeping accurate records and complying to all the various government programs. Filing government forms (HST, SOURCE DEDUCTIONS, WSIB) on time, quite simply puts money in your pocket.

The Concise Way

  • An in-depth Client interview gathers all information required to prepare your Income Tax return.
  • The information is entered into our tax preparation computer program. This program is designed with an internal auditor which double checks accuracy.
  • After a manual double checking process, the tax return information is ready to be electronically sent to the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Concise Tax will transmit your return to CRA and upon acceptance your return is actually in the post assessment stage – ready for CRA to process your Assessment Notice and refund cheque (if applicable).
  • Even if you have a tax payable on filing, you may electronically file, receiving the benefit of a faster acknowledgment. Payment is not required until April 30th. We will let you know how to handle this situation.

The Concise Advantage

  • Your one time fee entitles you to YEAR-ROUND assistance with audits, re-assessments or answers to tax questions.
  • A flat rate fee which includes the electronic filing of all forms and schedules required by Canada Revenue Agency.
  • 100% owned and operated by Canadians, AT NO TIME is your personal information sent and stored in a foreign country for security purposes.

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